Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Welcome to my world


After seeing many blogs all over the place I finally got the courage to write my own little lines. When I was a teenager, I used to write a diary. I suppose the difference between a diary and a blog is that when you write a diary you keep your darkest most hidden secrets to yourself and the diary, that one day will be destined to be read by others. With a blog, you write to share with others, hoping that some of your inner thoughts and feelings are universal and someone might identify with them.

Today it has been a wet, grey day in Devon UK. Some might say, typical unpredictable insular English weather, although it has been sunny in other parts of England.

I suppose I am becoming a bit English by commenting about the weather before saying anything else, this is a fact of life: when you live someplace you get influenced by that place and influence others around you. This is the richness of mixing, traveling, immigrating.

I had a lazy morning and then went teaching singing to 2 lovely 9 year old girls. I went to visit my best friend and sister, and family (she has got the biggest family in this part of the world) and now, back home, I am cooking Boeuf Bourguignon to my dear husband and me.

It all sounds very prosaic but what's life if not a routine, made with simple but fulfilling events. When everything sounds boring, it means everything is as it is supposed to be. I saw sheep and greenery and flowers on my way there and back, I love the month of May and all its colours and fragrances. C'est le mai, joli mai, c'est le joli mois de mai.

I can, from here (the office) smell the glourious aroma of 'herbes de Provence', mixed with bay leaves from the garden, French red wine, shallots, bacon and beef, that compose my recipe. I will soon go down and add cut mushrooms and wait for my husband to come home.

Life is mild, the season is mild and I think England has the most beautiful scenery in Springtime on the planet. I might be wrong, but what I saw today definitely made me think that.

I will stop from now, finish cooking and I will try and be faithful, write most days and keep you updated.