Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Harlem's prayer

As dictated to me

I will serve the Lord until my last breath
and with His breath of life
I will sing and praise His glory
Even if many voices try to silence mine,
Even if the whole world weighs upon my shoulders
I will fly
For the Lord has provided me with spiritual wings,
For the Lord has given me a voice
To speak on behalf of the angels
To speak for Him and share His great love and compassion
with my fellow brothers.

I can bend but won't be broken
I can weep but my spirit will rejoice
For the Lord is my shepherd and his pastures will forever be
To quench our thirst
To feed us with the richest food
And fulfil us in our earthly journey.


1 comment:

  1. That's beautiful, Gisele. I'm so glad the visit to the Harlem church was such a wonderful experience.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog - the knitting is slowly taking shape and is fun to do - except when I make a stupid mistake and have to unravel loads to put it right!