Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Is Charity a hypocrisy?


I have just arrived home and I had to write in this blog quickly before I forget the ideas in my head. I was listening to BBC radio 3 in the car and they were discussing abuse, pedophilia, hypocrisy and other related subjects. They were talking about institutions lying to protect themselves and about the lying about charity.

Right, let's start with the most attacked institution of them all: Christian churches, especially Catholics. We live in a world whose idea is that every single priest is a pedophile. I know catholics and catholic priests, I know other christian churches and their ministers and most of them are honest, loving, dedicated people. It would only take 2-3 'wrong' ones to attack the whole of the institution. They were saying that institutions protect themselves and try and hide the shame, I am not saying that it would be right to do so but I think it is only human. Institutions are not made by perfect people as there isn't such a thing as perfect people, but sometimes they deal with the problem within themselves, that is true.

We target the INSTITUTIONS: teachers, priests, those who are in contact with children in order to educate and orientate them. There are also private individuals that can be abusers. Oh yes, the other target are parents and families. Another INSTITUTION. Is the aim of the BBC (is the BBC and institution by the way?) to attack and destroy every institution, which seems to be the aim of society nowadays: destroy the institutions that are the base of society itself. When anyone tries to say: there are gay men that can be pedophiles, it is ruled out straight away as discrimination. Maybe the target of this attack it is not to protect the innocent victims, but to undermine society itself.

The easy and simple principle in life is that there are good and bad people everywhere. There are good and bad parents, good and bad teachers, good and bad priests, good and bad straight people. gay people, white people, black people, everyone. By labelling and targeting people and institutions, this is another form of discrimination. There is no safe place to be but also, we should not spend our lives fearing abuse, fearing institutions and fearing everything. The modern world tries to isolate people from each other in a way of controlling them. I think what we should fear is the media, that gives us a distorted sense of the world by constantly broadcasting disgrace over good, abuse over love, making us believe we live in a much worse world that we actually do and focusing in matters of little importance for our everyday lives.

If we were in a shack, in the middle of a forest with no internet, radio, TV and other means of communication we would probably be very happy people, living our lives and occupied with our little everyday concerns, instead of sheltering ourselves from a hostile world that might not be as hostile as we think.

When I lived in Sao Paulo, Brasil, all I saw in the morning going to work was people ready to go to work. Most people are honest, have jobs, work hard. Most people are just trying to live their lives and survive, bad people, abusers, thieves are still minority or this world would have exploded many centuries ago.

Parents are not the enemy, nor priests, or teachers. The enemy is fear of each other. The enemy is indifference.

By fearing abuse, honest people are scared of giving love to children. Teachers are scared of comforting children, priests are scared of nurturing children. We all need love, touching, affection, comfort, we are distorting everything that is good and pure in the name of a civilisation that is getting sicker and sicker, more and more scared of each other and perfect kind people do not know what to say and what to do. They are scared they will say the wrong thing and be accused of discrimination or touch the wrong way and be accused of abuse. Who misses out in all of this? Children, that are forced to grow up too quickly and are instructed to fear and distrust anyone and everyone.

I believe that there is inner good and kindness in every human being but fear is an instinct that generates aggression as a defence mechanism. If we believe we are constantly under attack, we are going to become more and more aggressive, is only nature's law.

Then, in the other hand, we have the children, that are learning to play the abuse card as a game. We don't like our math's teacher? Let's say he touched us the wrong way and many teachers have been unfairly prosecuted and cast away. Have you watched a film called the witches of Salem, where teenage girls find it funny to accuse women of witchcraft and many were burnt at the steak? The modern witches are priests, teachers and parents.

We need to stop twisting society, instead of pointing the bad in people, try to find the good in them, Instead of focusing in abuse and aggression, focus on love and affection, try to understand that we adults, are leading those children into tomorrow's world. What a sad world we are showing them. Those children are so confused, scared, lost. They don't know what's right or wrong and in who or what to believe.

I have a friend and she said she asked her 10 year old boy to get milk in a corner business, in a very small village, on a Sunday morning. He asked: Will I be ok? Will I end up like April, mum? Did you worry about that when you were a child? I didn't. I played in the streets, I went to the bakery, I walked to school. Are we thinking about the world we are showing our children?

Are there problems in the world? Many! I think most of them are drug related and drugs are definitely ruining the world. Then if we dig deep, under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other worse drugs, people can loose control and do bad things because they are not in full possession of their faculties. Who does anything about the drug problem? Nobody does, because drugs are big business and many people make a lot of money with it, including authorities, police, politicians, you name it.

In the world we live, the real enemy is greed. We are turning into a savage capitalist world where money rules and lives of individuals are numbers. Instead of turning the public attention to scares and fears to distract them, how about tackle the real world problems?

1. Drugs, alcohol
2. Excess debt and consumerism - how to only buy what you need
3. Lack of education and importance of knowledge and culture
4. Importance of honesty and hard work
5. Solidarity
6. How to be a citizen and contribute to your community
7. Hunger, should so many people starve to death?
8. Social injustice
9. Heath system and people dying where there is no need to
10. How to love

Instead, we are all focusing on discrimination and destruction and those would never exist if we focused in the good and right things. When people join their efforts for a greater good those things are irrelevant. War times are horrible but those are times when people focus in what is important. When someone is dying next to you, would you bother asking: are you gay, christian? You would probably be busy keeping his heart beating. This is real human solidarity. A human life is precious, the rest is talk, sickness and distraction. This is manipulating public opinion in order to deviate them from the truth.

Going back to charity work. I was one of the people that thought people only did charity to look good. It is true, that are people that do that, but they are again, minority. Most people want to do good to others. I started doing charity work myself. It is quite hard work. I have to go shopping, plan menus, get people over for dinner, spend 6,7,8 even 10 hours cooking, washing up, cleaning the kitchen, it probably takes up to 12-15 hours of my time and I get no money for it when I could be working for myself and getting myself money.

I need to advertise it because the more people know about it the better it is for raising money and for those girls. I raised enough money in 2 months to keep one girl for 5 months. It is a small, private initiative and I feel it has made a difference in someone's life.

By targeting charity now, saying that people do charity for themselves, maybe they want this to stop too and make this world more selfish, more uncaring, more unloving. I really blame the BBC for that stupid speech and I would like to know what does the BBC and other media channels do to help the world instead of broadcasting sensational news to sell and distracting people with rubbish. Oh, back to panis et circensis! The media is, as everything else, big business! I would say, the biggest, media and entertainment is a billion dollars industry.

My advice is: Do not pay too much attention to the media. It is not because someone says something on the TV and radio that it is the absolute truth. Refer to your childhood, refer to your human instincts of right and wrong. We all know it. We all know what solidarity, love, companionship, generosity, compassion, affection are. Do not let media, society, big companies, dictate how you should think, what you should wear, where you should spend your money with things you do not need, what you should say.

You are free, you have free will. You are free to love, feel and think. Even if the world makes you too scared and lonely to believe you are.

My message from today is: love one another. This is all we really need to know while we are on this planet.

Much love,


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  1. Excellent post, Gisele! I entirely agree with you. I think we may be in a rather small minority, though!!

    Shoshi x