Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lost in my thoughts


I attempted to write this blog many moons ago but never got round to doing it. As I am writing a much more pragmatic blog called gisele and jamie, I might every now and again come back to this one. If the other blog is more about action, this blog is supposed to be more about inner thoughts, if any springs to my mind.

What's happening in England at the moment? Rain, rain and more rain. It has been the most rain England has seen in a hundred years. Trust me to be here when it happens.

The rain got so strong that my house got flooded last Saturday and I haven't still sorted out all the mess. When things get too much I have the need to pretend they are not there and I totally go into denial mode.

My life is filled with little activities, nothing major: Ballet, Ballroom and Pastry course at South Devon College. It is nothing of resounding glory and importance but it makes me happy. I love dancing and I truly enjoy cooking. I have a tendency to create and make things but I have no talent to make money. Maybe when the main aim in what you do is primarily to make money, inspiration flees away as the creative juices can't flow if under pressure, stress or even worse, compromising your principles.

I just want to live in peace. Don't we all????

It is rather funny how human beings have the talent to turn every perfect moment of happiness into something bad by the ability of criticise, destroy, envy and other very mean feelings but the worse of all, is trying to control, possess, dictate...

I am trying hard to fight those low instincts of the human being, some of those I confess to possess, unfortunately. I think we are all made for greatness but we all get lost in pettiness, we are so busy counting the little coins that we miss the big pot of gold. Do not take me literally, please, there is no pot of gold anywhere, but there is happiness at reach, if only we pay attention to it.

I am, after this philosophical speech, going to bed as I am feeling quite tired after an afternoon of cooking lovely things at my pastry course. Creme brûlée, caramel, cheese cake... Very useful learning indeed.

I will definitely have sweet dreams!!!

And I wish you do too.



  1. Oooh Gisele - loving your new blog! This is soooo good! I'm signing up to follow you.

    Thanks for visiting mine, and I'm glad you like the flowers I sent to Judy. I haven't blogged for over a month (so unlike me!) and it's nice to be getting back into it.

    Shoshi x

    1. Hello Sue!!

      Nice to see you here. Have a look at the other blog, gisele and jamie, I am raising money for Romania and I am happy people living is Spain asked me to put a link online for donations, so people can donate if they live abroad. Isn't it wonderful?

      Loved your flowers, they are great. Hope all is well,